Naturally Nurture Fertility & Women's Health
Dignity for Women Using a Scientific Evidence-Based Natural Family Planning Method

Embarking on a new adventure that allows you and your spouse to manage fertility solely through natural methods is exciting... and at the same time a little scary.  You are not alone in this adventure.


As a Fertility Care Professional (FCP), rest assured that my affiliation with the American Academy of Fertility Care Professionals as well as many other credentials provides you with all the tools necessary to ensure the highest success rate in your choice to either achieve or avoid pregnancy.   Below is a description of responsibilities.

  • Provide CrMS to the client/couple for the purposes of achieving or avoiding pregnancy,
  • Presents introductory sessions to both groups and individuals, interested inusing a natural system of FertilityCare TM
  • Conducts individual follow-up appointments with the client/couple according to the CrMS process and schedule
  •  Conducts pregnancy evaluations
  •  Offers long distance follow-up
  •  Coordinates with Medical Consultants and NaProTECHNOLOGY
  •  Maintains long term follow-up as needed
  •  Maintains currency with CrMS teaching materials & components of CrMS
  • Maintains program affiliation with American Academy of Fertility Care Professionals including preparation for periodic self-study and on-site visits  

My Role as a Fertility Care Professional