Naturally Nurture Fertility & Women's Health
Dignity for Women Using a Scientific Evidence-Based Natural Family Planning Method


We believe in the dignity of women. We believe that services provided at this clinic will respect her dignity, her marriage, and her family.  This clinic offers a scientific, evidence-based method of fertility care. With application of the CrMS, the woman develops overall fertility appreciation and the ability to determine the naturally-occurring window of fertility in her menstrual cycle.

As a woman tracks her natural procreative cycle (NaProTRACKING™) she learns to detect and monitor the specific body changes that occur around the time of ovulation. The biological markers can be tracked and understood easily by healthy, fertile women as well as women with reproductive concerns or conditions. By charting these fertility signs a woman creates a personal medical record of her own to monitor, maintain, and evaluate her natural reproductive cycles.

With the information gathered from NaProTRACKING, a NaPro TECHNOLOGY physician, will be able to treat gynecologic conditions in cooperation with a woman’s cyclic rhythms. The physician develops a treatment plan for each woman based on the underlying causes of her condition or disease. Treatments and interventions are timed to work in relationship with her natural cycle of fertility. The NaProTECHNOLOGY™ approach empowers a woman to learn about her reproductive health, to work in concord with it, and to dialogue with her physician.