Naturally Nurture Fertility & Women's Health
Dignity for Women Using a Scientific Evidence-Based Natural Family Planning Method


  • Introductory Sessions in individual or group settings
  • Individualized Follow-up consultations for women or for couples
  • Long term follow-up consultations
  • Support, encouragement, and consultation during women’s health transitions; for example: if having premenstrual syndrome, after miscarriage, when breastfeeding, during pre-menopause changes; if having unusual bleeding,
  • Pregnancy Evaluations
  • Referrals to professionals as appropriate, for example: NaPro Technology Medical Consultants, professionals in medicine, midwifery, pastoral ministry, social work, or marriage counseling
  • Opportunity for questions to be answered
  • Use of standardized and integrated teaching aides
  • Case Management is individualized and integrated with substantive teaching
  • Fertility Care Practitioners have been educated and certified by accredited standards
  • Contact a Fertility Care Professional if a speaker is needed